Artist’s Statement

Lori Dorfman’s Continuous Paintings are confined color palettes inspired by California landscapes, the interplay of light, and the seasons. In this series, Dorfman joins six 20” x 20” squares at once into an overall 40″ x 60” panel, turns each square one rotation after each layer, and continues painting. Painted with acrylic on Masonite mounted on wood, the squares can be turned and/or joined with any other square. This series gives Dorfman the freedom to explore her fascination with color, pattern, and interconnection.

Artist’s Bio

Dorfman studied printmaking at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and later graduated with a BA in Art, with honors, from San Francisco State University. At the dawn of the SF AIDS epidemic, she volunteered at the Women’s Needs Center, a section of the Haight Free Clinic. She obtained her masters and doctorate in public health from the University of California, Berkeley, which finds her, 30 years later, conducting research on how mass media portray public health and social issues. Dorfman has always kept private sketchbooks; a year ago started painting again and couldn’t stop.